Why I’m Getting Married

Why am I marrying my future husband?

Because, even though he hasn’t known me long enough to know everything about me, he wants to. He’s excited to.

He is learning to deal very graciously with the hang-ups that I have.

He prays over me every night after he tucks me in.

He likes me to read children’s literature aloud to him.

I love the way he sings.

He has patience with me, and I have patience with him. Even though it’s hard sometimes.

He’ll talk and fight something out with me until we reach a conclusion and we’re ok. He doesn’t leave, clam up, or walk away.

He loves, respects, adores, takes care of, weeps over, his mother and sisters.

He sees past the issues of his father and respects him as a great man. He values his father’s advice.

He longs to bond with, hang out with, laugh with his brother. He regrets the years where he didn’t.

He cares about knowing and emulating the character of God.

His friendships will always trump politics or patriotism.

He makes me remember to go to bed early enough because he knows I hate waking up mornings.

He takes initiative to budget, compare insurance plans, and search for apartments.

He dances with me.

I can’t ever imagine wanting to kiss anyone else in the whole world.

I’m his number 2. (< that’s the big reason)

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