Who Am I?

Who am I?

Where am I?

What informs me?

I am female.

I was raised in the south.

By Bible-believing, Christ-following parents.

I am the 3rd of 4 of my Mother’s children.

(2nd of 3 of my Father’s children)

(first girl)

(with seven years and twelve years, respectively, between my older brothers and myself)

I am an older sister.

I was home educated.

(my Mother dislikes math)

(and science)

I worked as a hostess in a restaurant for two years.

While taking general education courses at a community college.

My family sings.

I do theatre.

I went to a fairly charismatic, southern Christian college for my final two years.

(In large part because of their theatre program)

(Where I learned a lot about how to read the Bible)

(And how we tend to simplify complicated things, and vice versa)

In my short years, I’ve dealt with (in my family, friends, or myself): death, sickness, cancer, war, marriage, divorce, babies, changing diapers, building houses.

I’ve seen poverty and wealth.

I’ve nannied children and cleaned houses.

I watched my older brothers play video games.

And learned how to knit.

And played Texas Hold’em poker and Scrabble with my family in the evenings.

And wasn’t allowed to watch Fern Gully as a child.

And talked politics with my father since I can’t remember when.

[These things inform me. These things greatly affect who I am Today]

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