Just Say What You Mean

Never, until now, have I seen such a push from Christians linking marriage to the absolutely fundamental necessity of bearing children.

Of course, Christians generally have believed in the birthing and rearing of God-fearing children as a calling – maybe even one that makes us unique from non-Christians. But never did I hear this discussed as something that applied to nonbelievers – or something that would make or break a marriage. If it’s so all-encompassing and drastically important, why has it not been framed so urgently until now?

Why have I not heard a preacher say this…until now?

Why is it an argument of DEFENSE against the upcoming governmental laws regarding homosexual marriage?

Even as contraception grew, the danger spoken of was that “more contraception will lead to promiscuity” – not that somehow removing children from the picture would nullify the definition of marriage.

{If children are the clincher, why did not a prophet, or Paul, or Jesus issue such a warning, such a directive? Why did Christ’s words on marriage not address the barren couple – who so obviously failed to produce a proper marriage in the eyes of God?}

I’m tired of the excuses. Just be truthful: you don’t want gay marriage to be legalized and accepted because you believe it goes against Scripture and the will of God.

And that’s ok.

I think that’s a valid interpretation of Scripture. I think for a careful, wise student of the Bible, it’s valid and well-researched to say “I believe homosexual behavior is a sin – and not the way God originally designed humans to function.” Christians and biblical scholars don’t all agree on that, and that’s ok. There are plenty of things Christians disagree about. I think if it was a matter of salvation, Jesus probably would have mentioned it a couple of times. Or once.

Just please, please stop with the children stuff. Stop with the sanctity of marriage stuff. If we truly want to fight for the sanctity of marriage, we need to start fighting against no-fault divorce. We need to fight against the mindset of those who get married out of societal or family pressure.

Even better, we need to start really caring for young people and newlyweds, being honest with them, and teaching them to love Jesus, honor their bodies, and stop being ignorant of/terrified of/nonchalant about sex. We need to respect our spouses and invest in our own families.

Unfortunately, this sort of removes us from the political spectrum, doesn’t it?

Kind of refocuses our priorities, doesn’t it?

{Oh, that we would cease to lobby, scream, and cry for the world to follow God’s Laws when they don’t even know God’s Love.}

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