You Keep Using That Word {i do not think it means what you think it means}

Today I will talk (again) about Just Saying What You Mean.

Currently, it is very “in” to talk about “traditional marriage.” But if you are inclined to say “traditional marriage” – I think it very likely that is not what you mean to say.

What you mean to say is “one man one woman marriage” or “marriage as I believe God intended” or “marriage modeled after Adam and Eve.”

But -in the hopes of appealing to nonChristian audiences, and in the hopes of making nonChristian arguments against the legalization of gay marriage- people have instead really jumped on the phrase “traditional marriage.”

So, in light of that… here are

Four Things You Can Do To Preserve Traditional Marriage:

1. Marry your spouse for money, social position, or political advantage

2. Give your husband the right to rape, beat, or divorce you with no social, legal, or monetary ramifications

3. Get married and start having children around the time you’re able to reproduce – or at the very least before the age of 20

4. Let your family pick your spouse for you

Ready to rethink “traditional marriage” yet? Ready to get more specific, more intentional with your words?

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