Fighting for Dear Life

After Bernie Sanders’ speech at LU convocation, David Nasser asked him an abortion-related question, to the effect of “Aren’t our unborn children in the greatest need of protection?” The crowd of students cheered thunderously, and for the only time in the entire broadcast I noticed, gave a standing ovation – just to that question.

Students, dreamers, protectors, defenders: please don’t forget to keep that fire alive for mothers, for children, after they are born. In the way we vote, in the issues we fight for, in the way we look at women with screaming children on the street: will we choose to KEEP fighting for life? It gets much, much harder from here.

How will your church or Christian school deal with the unmarried pregnant woman? Will you babysit for the single mother? Do you belittle your co-worker for loving lavishly on his children? Do we fight for education? For resources that so many women, families, and little ones so desperately need?

Or will be just be clanging, clanging, clanging symbols?